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more cooking

Step 1: Open icebox, shake head in despair over amount of chicken still to be consumed following dinner party at which four people ate heartily from ginormous roast chicken, and also following one's partner making two gallons of chicken soup, which event itself came on heels of preparing generous second meal for two using substantial amount of Moar Chikin.

Step 2: Roast almond slivers. Do not even think of consuming in lieu of the chicken.

Step 2: Prepare parmesan cream sauce, using usual method.*

Step 2: Boil up pasta-of-choice, aka pasta-of-neccesity, aka whatever’s in the pantry.

Step 3: Heat olive oil in skillet. Shred leftover chicken into heated skillet, Generously waft clouds of garam masala over chicken. Chuck in roasted almond slivers. Salt a bit. Pour in some balsamic vinegar. Stir briskly till done.

Step 4-ish: Add chicken to sauce. Add pasta to sauce. Lid that puppy and stick in warm oven for fifteen minutes.

It’s not high cuisine. It’s just leftover chicken.


* Oh, for god's sake. Milk, butter, flour, parmesan. Melt butter, stir in flour, add milk, heat till thickening while stirring, off heat and add parmesan. For cheddar sauces, see Nola.

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