6:59 pm

pet shaming rant

I’m just gonna come right out and say it: I hate pet shaming. I do. I despise those sites featuring pics and videos of cats and dogs and monkeys and goldfish or whatever, with little “signed confessions” beside them, “I is sorry, I did eat that half a pie you left on the dresser” or “I shredded your wedding dress, it made you look fat, bite me” and the dog or whatever is looking all downcast and guiltyguiltyguilty, except they’re not.

You know what? They’re not. What they are, is submissive, because you’re all throwing your weight around and shining lights in their eyes and hiding behind phones or cameras and stalking them. They don’t even remember the damn pie or dress or the gerbil, they just think you’re crazy and they don’t wanna get hit. So they look down, and wag their tails a little bitty, and slink off, or lick your fingers. “Please don't hit me, crazy person who normally feeds me, and who I love.” is what they’re saying.

So. Now you know.

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