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language barrier

Wordpress nags and badgers its users to update it, when it doesn’t just update itself, and yesterday I caved and did updates.

(Notice anything new? Me neither, but I’m sure it’s improved under the hood.)

Because I was there, nosing around the backend following updating, which sounds dirty but isn’t, sadly, I idly glanced through the current admin settings and espied the one for setting your site’s language format, and lo! there is one for Canadian English. So I picked it and saved.

I had other things I wanted to do last night. Fix supper, read a novel, play with my cat, clean my nails. What I did instead was figure out how to go from Wordpress White Screen of No Input Or Output or Hope Of Salvation to a working site again. Well, the weblog part worked fine, it was just the admin part that was a complete clusterfuck from 0,0 to 6mil,6mil.

I shall cut this long, painful, and honestly dull story short: I remoted into my site's host via terminal and did unix. Herewith are the unix:*

mv [directory or folder name] [new name]

I first tried renaming the plugins directory, in case it was a plugin that didn’t like the new language setting, but as that didn’t work, renamed the newly created languages directory, to languages-not.

This did work. All looked fine once more. It wasn’t, but it looked that way. I looked at settings and saw it was now displaying “American English” & toddled off to my life, all innocent and unaware.

This afternoon, I peeped in, remembering the whole reason I had wanted to venture into adminland in the first place before I got sideswiped by updates and settings fooforah, and yes, the white screen was back.

"WTF?" I thought,"Could it possibly have reverted? Can a new thing have arisen? Am I cursed?"

I had failed to explicitly save the setting change back to American English.

So yeah, now I’ve done that. Hopefully will be no more hlepy doings in the backend. And I can get on with scrubbing my Links section.


* for posterity.

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