7:24 pm

almost made it!

Set out this morning around 8:30, taking North Road to Net Loft, on the south end of the island. I’ve done this trip before, on South Road, and found that to be a real bear as it is all steep grades up and down and up and down, so I’m forever either climbing or coasting. North Road is a lot simpler; there’s some roll to the first third, but it settles down after that. Outward trip is mostly downhill, in fact.

It was a great ride, really; cool morning air, very little traffic, lots of shade. Got into high gears and really pushed! But then the return several hours later, oh my god. Much hotter, but I was determined to just ride, find my rhythm. I managed pretty well till I turned off at the Kensington pull-out (for hiking in the crown lands just there) to drink some water, and noticed I didn't feel right at all. Way overheated, kind of generally odd. I sat down by my bike and tried to get the phone to make just one little call (it had discharged its battery for some reason) to Nola. No go.

A nice couple pulled in to walk their dog, and instead gave me a lift home. I started feeling better almost immediately, as drinking water caused me to start sweating again. I hadn’t noticed I’d stopped — well, you don’t when you’re moving.

I’m disappointed in myself for not bringing a second water bottle (for one) and for not being sensible enough to stop a time or two earlier to drink. I fail at being a grown-up.

On the plus side, 20.5km is a new daily personal best!

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