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Listening to light rain fall. Wishing for more.
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for all the non-gearheads

Have a little nature: Cool green tunnel. Holly or something. Probably not holly. Daisy bugs on daisy.
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new stuff

(Note: geeky and self-centred gear talk. If not your thing, consider yourself warned.)
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nothing special

(from yesterday’s notes): Today’s ride: Kensington Lands. I was just going to do a turn through the 707, as per always, but Nola offered to come with me so that meant we could go farther afield, though by car to start as Nola didn’t have time to play for long. Metal bottle. Does not leak. […]
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dog brain

ME (calling the dog in from the back porch): C’mon, Cardhu, let’s go! Last pee! Good boy! HER (as I lead the dog from back door to front door) Did you just bring the dog in to take him out the front? ME: Yes. We work with the dog brain we have. Oh, hey, check […]
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