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crushing the opposition

bike to work week on gabriola 2015 stats

My team kicked ass, eh?

Bike to Work Week is done for 2015, and the last straggler on my team (North Road Cranxters) posted her numbers. We slipped over the wire to SOUNDLY TROUNCE Islands Trust (neener neener) and ENTIRELY ECLIPSE the medical clinic.

That said, you have to hand it to them other teams, as we had six riders posting trips, as opposed to their three and two. “Now, pericat,” you may be saying, “however did you, who work from home manage to ride so many kilometers twixt your pillow and desk?”

I could mumble something about trashing my rims going up and down the stairs forty-leven times a day (oh, look! a spotted crested warbler!) but the truth is that Bike to Work rules allow errand-running as well, so as not to leave all us homebodies out of the fun. You wouldn’t believe how many errands I can come up with on a daily basis with that kind of incentive. Grocery runs, hardware store runs, is the post office open today runs, sangha at the other end of the island run, find a quiet shady spot to read my book and drink tea runs…

Anyway, it was good, clean fun, with an imaginary goal and imaginary prizes and zero bragging rights except what I just did here. Go, team!

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