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tbnl (tinl)

if there were god if there were infinite perfection infinite knowing infinite if there were we we would things would plants bugs us lions day old mices us their eyes are not yet open their eyes have never seen their hours old eyes swallowed gone if there were god stink of burning years burning earth […]
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shakedown ride

a bit out of balance, I think Bright sunny day, temp hovering around 10°C, and as planned I took the Surly out for a shakedown ride across the 707 and around our favourite loop in the Kensington Lands. I had the rack shifted rather far back as I wanted to use the saddlebag pocket for […]
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new bike

out and about in the wild
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that’s that

root and branch My last make-up effort for 28toMake; was supposed to be something dealing with tangrams or some such thing, but I have no tangrams and can’t be arsed to make any. So instead here is something I just made. For no reason, and by no direction.
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