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I have declared today a Periday; one in which I give not one fuck for anything anyone else thinks I should be doing to be a proper person. I have therefore paid mid-month bills early (because massive online banking clusterfuck scheduled for what else? mid-month, you betcha) and arranged to have gobs of cash on hand for mundane things, like groceries and the apocalypse and the upcoming frolic in Vancouver. (I’m actually leaving the island! For more than a day!) And I have resumed baking, now that my finger is healed. Mostly healed. Okay, no longer gaping and oozing. I cut it doing stupid knife tricks while carving a pumpkin last weekend. This pumpkin, in fact:

I carved this one!

An amateur effort, to be sure

Nola, meanwhile, turned out this one, after doing quick sketches and contemplating its rippled orange surface:

Nola. Of course.

Every now and then I must remind myself “she is a professional”

At some point we walked round Elder Cedar loop, which is just smothered in autumn leaves:

Autumne is idribbling in


Here’s a wider shot, with bonus Cardhu!

no proper walk without a dog

Cardhu! Also, gosh, look at all the leaves!

Cardhu has been under the weather of late with a tummy disorder. For two weeks we have kept him mostly indoors to restrict his intake of all the godawful things in the world he can shovel down his throat. He has these little upsets about once a year, but usually gets over them within twenty-four hours. We have had him on a ground-turkey-and-rice diet, which he thought was heaven, and are slowly reintroducing kibble back into his life. Truthfully, he thinks kibble is heaven, too. He really just likes eating.

Also sometime between rain squalls last weekend we did the Green Trail in the 707 and spotted this root all over fungi’d:

root and fungus

Green Trail, white fungus

Close-up of very cool fungus:

it’s just neat

It’s really a year for fungi

I told Nola it was Periday today. Her first thought: "But what about me?"

ME: That’s your go-to?

HER: Just kidding!

Periday doesn’t happen often enough, I’m thinking.

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