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january walk

Because anxietybrain is a thing, I have been somewhat insular these past few months. We will not get into the details of anxietybrain, we will just note that it appears to be a fixture for the time being, and, well, there that is. At the moment, though, I have a nice cup of tea, and the heater is on, and I feel up to writing a bit.

It has been long enough that I had to do housekeeping first, what with wordpress all fussy about installing updates, and then wanting me to do backups first, which meant delving into my provider's admin section, and wonder of wonders, I think I did it all right. In the end I entirely forgot I have an ftp utility and hammered it out on the terminal.

So, what have we been doing? First off, mourning the loss of our best boy Cardhu, who died at the end of September following a short but intense bout with cancer. He was my bubba, and some walks are still hard without him. My partner did a lovely write-up of his life with us, and it is here.

One of those walks is along through Drumbeg, into the trees and wind around and out on the shore. Cardhu loved Drumbeg, especially the part that was wet. We went there yesterday, with friends, and their little dog Chester. The sea fog was in, and enveloped all the lower parts of the island…

fog between the trees

on the trail

more fog and trees

a little further along

close-up of an island rising from the fog

coming out of the trees

panoramic of the view from the south meadow

we could hear the sealions calling. they sounded irritated as always.

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