1:23 pm

tbnl (tinl)

  • if there were god if there were
  • infinite
  • perfection
  • infinite
  • knowing
  • infinite
  • if
  • there
  • were
  • we
  • we would
  • things would
  • plants bugs us lions day old mices us
  • their eyes are not yet open
  • their eyes have never seen
  • their hours old eyes
  • swallowed
  • gone
  • if there were god
  • stink of burning years burning earth on fire deep deep
  • if there were god what could burn
  • if there were god what would not burn forever
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7:06 pm

shakedown ride

this is not really working

a bit out of balance, I think

Bright sunny day, temp hovering around 10°C, and as planned I took the Surly out for a shakedown ride across the 707 and around our favourite loop in the Kensington Lands. I had the rack shifted rather far back as I wanted to use the saddlebag pocket for tea. This, as I discovered fairly quickly, was just not on. Very sad, but I mean, look at it: all the weight of a well-loaded rackpack is just too far out from centre.

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10:39 am

new bike

out and about in the wild

out and about in the wild

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10:32 pm

that’s that

no reason at all

root and branch

My last make-up effort for 28toMake; was supposed to be something dealing with tangrams or some such thing, but I have no tangrams and can’t be arsed to make any. So instead here is something I just made. For no reason, and by no direction.

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10:45 pm

tea things

digital pen and ink


28toMake is officially over, but I have a few make-up days due to things, and also I started a day late. So here is what was the first day’s task: draw my beverage. I’d already sketched the teacup that goes with this pot, so instead did the pot. Inside the pot is of course sleepytime, and I am going fast round because I want to drink it warm! *sips tea*

Oh, and here is the teacup. At the time it was full of honeybush:

digital pen and ink


Both pot and cup were made locally. Come to think of it, so were the drawings I suppose.

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