that’s that

root and branch My last make-up effort for 28toMake; was supposed to be something dealing with tangrams or some such thing, but I have no tangrams and can’t be arsed to make any. So instead here is something I just made. For no reason, and by no direction.
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tea things

Teapot 28toMake is officially over, but I have a few make-up days due to things, and also I started a day late. So here is what was the first day’s task: draw my beverage. I’d already sketched the teacup that goes with this pot, so instead did the pot. Inside the pot is of course […]
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postcard from here

Ladybug for Nola Task was to make a postcard appropriate to receiver; I made this for Nola because everything I make is for Nola, because Nola. (catching up; this is from the 24th)
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string theory

well. okay. Today was supposed to work with stuff one normally doesn’t. So I did.
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i decline one challenge and propose another

paper box for card game Do not have physical access to enough people in the ordinary course of a weekday to play Exquisite Corpse (today’s task), so instead made a box for a card game out of some heavy paper I had stashed. Take that, rubber bands.
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