fooling around on ipad, again

stork on stork
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science and art

I did Science today! Our kitchen drain has been a bit lackadaisical of late, and tonight, having recalled that I possessed not only a box of baking soda, but also damn near a gallon of vinegar, I dumped some of each down the drain. It made a such a foaming and sputtering! I was beside […]
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we have met art, and it is us

The things that drop e'er so daintily into my mailbox... Is modern art off its head? Back in grad school, my co-conspirators and I once spent a few days on the always-timely question: what is Art? We kept it simple, of course. Art, we decided, hangs on the wall is shorter than 5' 4"* is […]
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gretchen markle and beethoven

This last week has been excessively geeky, I know, and you have all been most patient. To make it up, first please note that the BBC is offering for download mp3's of the BBC Philharmonic's 2005 performances of all nine of Beethoven's symphonies. The first five are up now and the last four will go […]
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slipping surly bonds

On the news today, just a quick bit about the Arioso dance troupe performing on the side of the Vancouver Library downtown. It was like watching fireworks. There's pictures on their website. This is our tax dollars at work, and a jolly good thing, too.
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