Okay, this would unnerve me: Which is probably why a harbour seal suddenly surfaced next to Manson's boat. "He just peeks his head up and then he just, all at once, launches himself into the back end of the boat," Manson explained. "His eyes were just huge, like saucers, and he was hyper-ventilating. "He wanted […]
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waiting for godot, part two

For everyone as curious as we to see "The Platinum Party" on their ballot, right under "The Sex Party", which we already knew about, here's their platform. I'll quote a bit from their intro page, shall I? The members of our party are less concerned with policy of the current regime and more concerned about […]
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waiting for godot

NDP NDP NDP NDP! (gosh, I hope that doesn't get Elections BC on my butt.)
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medical alert

This just in: Spit more dangerous than pot. And, um, don't be deep kissing strangers, either. swallowing own saliva while listening to Strange World from the album "Touch" by Sarah McLachlan
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bet they’re still using Wordstar, too

Oh, for heaven's sake! It's been thirty years since anyone last pretended to believe this one. Leaving aside the remote possibility that the BC Ministry of Health dropped their journal subscriptions sometime in the sixties, one has to wonder just how long it has been since anyone's paid any attention at all to the material […]
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