shakedown ride

a bit out of balance, I think Bright sunny day, temp hovering around 10°C, and as planned I took the Surly out for a shakedown ride across the 707 and around our favourite loop in the Kensington Lands. I had the rack shifted rather far back as I wanted to use the saddlebag pocket for […]
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new bike

out and about in the wild
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new stuff

(Note: geeky and self-centred gear talk. If not your thing, consider yourself warned.)
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nothing special

(from yesterday’s notes): Today’s ride: Kensington Lands. I was just going to do a turn through the 707, as per always, but Nola offered to come with me so that meant we could go farther afield, though by car to start as Nola didn’t have time to play for long. Metal bottle. Does not leak. […]
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summer trailriding

Hot! Hot, hot, hot. Our June is waxing wroth. It is becoming unseasonably warmish locally, where locally can be construed to be my office mid- to late afternoon. My south-facing office. Thank goodness for shades and curtains! I think only one did not survive the advent of the kittens, though two of the three remaining […]
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