book review: the martian

Just finished The Martian by Andy Weir. I found it oddly compelling, as if Popular Mechanic wrote a novel. It is almost entirely devoid of dramatic tension. There are conflicts, but they are resolved quickly and leave the people involved unaffected. The main character may be fundamentally changed by his experience as a castaway, but […]
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a canadian kind of thing

So this just happened today: Alice Munro was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. The committee had to leave a voicemail, cos she didn't answer her phone. And then Margaret Atwood tweeted, "Alice, come out from behind the tool shed and pick up the phone."
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A whole week of holiday! There have been dog walks, seaweed gathering, thanksgiving supper (I made a pie! Nola and our guests did everything else, but the pie was the main thing and I made it.), house scrubbing, the regular thanksgiving art crawl, more dog walks, books read, a fair bit of goofing off, especially […]
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trolling the madding crowd

This is the sort of thing that goes better with beer. Earlier today I happened on a tweet referencing a weblog post rejoicing that the world's most expensive ebook was now on sale. "How," I thought in my innocence, "expensive could an ebook get?" and clickclickclicked off to find out. As you can tell, if […]
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#queryfail, or the art of hearing criticism

Queryfail happened yesterday on Twitter. It was, essentially, a day in the lives of several writer's agents and publishers, going through their mail for the day, and talking/tweeting about where they stopped reading and why. Real-time, gut-level critiques are the hardest to hear. They're the shake of the head at a cattle call, the "too […]
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