christmas again

Wahoo! Loot, loot, loot! Oh, yes, peace on earth to people of goodwill (I hear that is the more better translation, leaves open the option of harrowing the souls of them as has badwill) and so on. Me, I’m all about the whole sunreturn festivating, as when the cloud cover is solid, which it is […]
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Nola makes shortbread for Christmas every year. I am eating one now. When I bite into it, and hold the bitten piece in my mouth, it melts.
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must be a new year

Nola is back on her here–and–there schedule, so it’s just me, the dog, the cat, and some old Harry Potter movies. The power went off today for a few hours. I called BC Hydro and was actually connected to a person. She said I should try cycling my main breaker to be sure it wasn’t […]
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