kitchen shelves

This morning. Woke up. Made coffee. Found pencil. Found paper. Found tape measure. Made sketch. Not to scale. Then did math. Not all the math is right. Wandered out to Arbutus, where they let me, totally unsupervised and everything, cut up fir. Found tools. Laid out boards. Fastened boards to boards. Tacked on backing. Hauled […]
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bashing wood

About a month ago I was rooting around in the crawlspace, doing damage to my knees that'll never come good in this lifetime, and on a whim drug out an armful of lumber someone had stuck in there years back. I was curious if it was in any kind of shape since last winter we'd […]
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Will you have gravy with that?

Somedays you get handed things on a silver platter... with a nice serving fork to boot. Today it was this website. Tom Palmer is a Senior Fellow of the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank, and a director of Cato University. His publishing credentials include an article for the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy […]
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(I didn't want to say anything till she was ready, lest the pressure from all the cards and letters become overwhelming and cause her to chuck it all and make a new life as a nun in Nepal, but she's all on fire today. Our new correspondent: my partner Nola, aka enjay! —pericat, still chief […]
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