Of the Folk

I am no one. I am no spinner of tales, no singer of songs. I stand at the edge of the crowd surrounding the bard by the fire, with an eye to the exit, able to stand only so long as I know the exit remains clear. But so long as that is so, I […]
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More Canadian Folk Songs

Jon & Rika (Bartlett/Ruebsaat) have added a couple of mp3's to their website. Scroll a screen or so, and they're linked from the index page: The Lumberman's Alphabet and Way Up the Ucletaw.
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A Little Canadiana

Dondaine la ridaine, traditional, performed by Rika Ruebsaat & Jon Bartlett, recorded on Come To Me In Canada. I am annoyed with spam and spammers, and have determined to counter their unthinking greed for fool's gold with a bit of sympathetic magic: I shall play folk songs until they crawl back under their rocks. That'll […]
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Canadian Folk Songs

Okay, it's time for me to plug a site, this one belonging to two friends of mine, devoted to Canadian folk songs, folk singing, and their years of studying and promoting both. They've been singing across Canada for over two decades, possibly three by now but I don't count so good, and have already written […]
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And more! By way of Mirabilis, a site with pages dedicated to describing medieval instruments, and providing sound clips of the ones of which reproductions have been made. Here you can see pictures of sakbuts and rebecs, lizards, serpents, crumhorms and many more. In addition are details of their making and use, and sound clips […]
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