Listening to light rain fall. Wishing for more.
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for all the non-gearheads

Have a little nature: Cool green tunnel. Holly or something. Probably not holly. Daisy bugs on daisy.
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the good life

Check it: Gwen’s brought her solar garden lamps back to the saturday market! I got this one to hang in the curly willow by my pond bridge. Solar lamp Started the day with an early ride through the 707 with Cardhu, then it was ho! for the market, where in addition to the lamp I […]
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crushing the opposition

My team kicked ass, eh? Bike to Work Week is done for 2015, and the last straggler on my team (North Road Cranxters) posted her numbers. We slipped over the wire to SOUNDLY TROUNCE Islands Trust (neener neener) and ENTIRELY ECLIPSE the medical clinic. That said, you have to hand it to them other teams, […]
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almost made it!

Set out this morning around 8:30, taking North Road to Net Loft, on the south end of the island. I’ve done this trip before, on South Road, and found that to be a real bear as it is all steep grades up and down and up and down, so I’m forever either climbing or coasting. […]
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