new bike

out and about in the wild
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the bike I do all this biking on

This is my bike: All clean & ready for close-up
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christmas again

Wahoo! Loot, loot, loot! Oh, yes, peace on earth to people of goodwill (I hear that is the more better translation, leaves open the option of harrowing the souls of them as has badwill) and so on. Me, I’m all about the whole sunreturn festivating, as when the cloud cover is solid, which it is […]
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my sekret spy saturday

Nola broke her foot a week ago, and as one of many consequences she is now stuck at home for some weeks to come unexpectedly. With her car in Horseshoe Bay. Last Tuesday I said I’d go across and fetch it. A simple act, you’d think, right? I mean, time-consuming and all, but essentially straightforward. […]
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you can dial this one. for reals!

still works Found this at GIRO today. Nola was wanting to plug three things into a particular outlet by the stove, and of the two things already plugged into it, one was a telephone. So when I saw this today, I knew it was the answer to all of our problems, yea even unto the […]
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