There are things I worry about, these days, living here, with Nola, in this house on this island. Things like, will it rain before the cistern gets too low, or why is the dog limping, or has anyone counted the cats recently. Things I’ve mostly stopped worrying about: will someone shoot me if I hold […]
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lewis’s god

Lewis has a tiny God. He keeps It in a box, under his mattress. It is a flat box. Lewis never turns his mattress. Lewis's Godbox has no lid. There's a slit in the side. A very narrow slit. Every night before he goes to sleep, he kneels beside his bed. He reaches under his […]
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the usual suspects

Just can't let this go.* Just can't. The root cause of Katrina is not seasonal weather patterns, or global warming. Nor is the flooding the result of underfunded levee maintenance. It's just God, once again lashing out against hommaseckshul lusts 'n depravity. Yeah, that must be it. God's hatred of queers is so overwhelming, He […]
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now boarding: new brunswick

And just in time for Pride, too. Several church-based groups wanted to participate in the case, so the court would hear their point of view against same-sex unions. But the judge turned down their request for intervener standing, saying that her ruling, whatever it may be, would not prevent them from making their own choices […]
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psst, yellowknife – your insecurity’s showing

I'm having trouble typing with a straight* face, but I feel I owe it to you to suck it up and soldier on. Somehow. The proud city of Yellowknife has proclaimed June 9th Heterosexual Day. Why? [Councillor Alan Woytuik] defended the proclamation. "I feel that recognizing the contributions of heterosexuals is just as legitimate as […]
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