string theory

well. okay. Today was supposed to work with stuff one normally doesn’t. So I did.
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biking in the 707

The above is yesterday’s after-work ramble through the 707, minus the bit showing where I live to all in the universe in space for all time, stalkers & housebreakers will just have to guess, and I think all in all I was out for no more than two hours. I know is not much for […]
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local signage

On the way to dog walking this morning, we passed this sign on South Road: I wanted to edit the sign in place, but Nola said no, so I settled for fixing it digitally:
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A whole week of holiday! There have been dog walks, seaweed gathering, thanksgiving supper (I made a pie! Nola and our guests did everything else, but the pie was the main thing and I made it.), house scrubbing, the regular thanksgiving art crawl, more dog walks, books read, a fair bit of goofing off, especially […]
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blue whale

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