bits and pieces

I’ve ordered the new iPad, and just mentioning that should do wonders for cranking up the spam bot attention my little corner of the internet receives. I’m nine parts all wowzers and one part could-I-be-more-pathetically-materialistic. I have one of the originals, but the new one has a better screen, more memory, better processor, better battery, […]
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new life for old Mysts

In the waning light of 2004, I made a little note about some updates available for the Myst game series, with, y'know, cool screenshots and entertaining commentary. And the year turned and turned, life went on, OSes changed their stripes for spots, and then splurged for a bleach job, and next thing you know, none […]
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new toy

It's Friday evening, and not a lot could improve my situation right now, save for Nola showing up early. I'm at home, reclining in the comfy chair downstairs, the gas fire is burning, iTunes is feeding Gregorian chant to our ancient stereo, the beer is chilled, and I have a new toy. I didn't pick […]
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flight of the turtle

I downloaded updates to a few of the apps on my iPod this morning. A note-taker, web browser, ebook reader, audiobook player... shakespeare... what else? Nothing that interesting really, my iPod could be lent to the nearest nun without a a qualm. So I was a bit taken aback with the dialogue box insisting I […]
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it’s just huge

And glossy. And the screen is roughly twice as big as my old one was. I'm talking about my new iMac. It arrived last week, in a box I thought sure was overpacking. It wasn't. It took both of us to get it upstairs. 27" screen. I have to turn my head to see one […]
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