organic computing

I'm enormously intrigued by the descriptions I've read of Apple's iPad. I want a new computer, true, but what I want (and would use) is a top-of-the-line iMac, not a netbook. Large iPhone. Whatever. But I still ooch iPadwards, because of how one uses it—by touching the screen. If Sherlock Holmes is the epitome of […]
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browser un-wars

I'm playing around with the idea of reverting to Safari as my browser-of-choice. My main attraction to Firefox all this time has really been the Adblock plugin, which makes it possible for me to view commercial sites without getting headaches and generally overwhelmed by all those godawful blinking pictures and flashy ads. I don't know […]
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beating iCal into submission

It's Sunday. On Sundays, as we know, I do housekeeping. Here are the housekeeping news. I've taken lately to using iCal to manage my life, seeing as I was forgetting to do some things and putting others off indefinitely. iCal has a setup for varying reminders, including a setting for emailing the user with notes […]
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obsessive-compulsive upgrading

It's been very geeky around the old homestead in the last few days. With Nola's current laptop happily up and running with the new battery, and Tiger, I resolved to finish the job and move the (larger) hard drive from her old laptop to the new one. What all did this entail? The larger drive […]
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tigers and trivia

My email spam is taking an almost frantic turn. "Your account has been violated!" Um, tut alors, dude. It's a defcon-alert step up from "Your account may have been used by unauthorized persons" but somehow I remain calm. Just this morning some kind soul wanted to let me in on a great deal: Macromedia Suite […]
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