maintenance: comment status

(The commands in this article are for MySQL, and refer to tables and fields created by WordPress using the default prefix, and those created by Movable Type. If you access MySQL using phpMyAdmin, or other frontend, you'll need to modify these commands to accommodate that structure. And always back up your data first!) Part of […]
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moving the earth

I've turned off commenting and trackbacking from now until I get this thing shifted.
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technical glitch resolved

Had a few flurries of comment spam the last couple of weeks, and in the process of coping, managed to screw up my blacklist settings, disabling commenting entirely. Oopsie. Many thanks to Marja-Leena for alerting me. Why didn't I notice earlier, like I jolly well ought to have? Um... hey! look over there! altocumulus castellanus!
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WordPress Progress

(for those who care about this sort of thing, and all the ships at sea.) Movable Type is a great weblogging tool, with a ton of impressive features. It can be customized to a fare-thee-well. It is well-documented. Et cetera. I have never regretted using it. That said, I will soon not be using it, […]
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I've been almost obsessively reading all I can stand to regarding reaction to Six Apart's announcement last week of the new pricing/licensing structure for Movable Type, v3. I've about given up on finding info on the new features; there's soft data on the glory and wonder of it all, but nothing specific, nothing that says, […]
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