now with eighty percent more cardhu

We finally got library cards last Friday, mostly in an effort to choke off the flood of money piped straight from our bank accounts to the bookstore. First checkout: Horatio Hornblower videos! Savings: $29.95, or thereabouts. Well, if I don't forget to return them. Or run out and buy them on DVD cos they're really […]
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aliens pondering

I've been wondering this for a couple of days now, and for the life of me, I cannot come up with a reasonable answer: whyever, for the love of heaven, would a spaceship designer or builder install a self-destruct system in a commercial towing vehicle? The other thing I've been wondering is, why has it […]
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Jesus Wept

Man, Mel Gibson's giving Latin a bad name. Can you imagine if you were an ancient languages scholar, you'd spent your life studying Latin and Aramaic and Greek and so forth, knowing your best shot at a job would be wiping noses at a prep school in some godforsaken New England village where the headmaster […]
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Jodie: Elephant Princess

John of shatnerian drug himself out of his sickbed long enough to dig up the dirt on Jodie Foster just for me! And everyone else out there in networkland, cos, you know, I share.* John mentioned she was doing voice for an animation thing (in addition to a French thing), the wonder and glory of […]
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Lord of the Rings Musing 4

butaki brings up an interesting point in the comments to the previous entry regarding ownership of The Lord of the Rings in particular, with implications for ownership of stories in general. Oddly enough, I was last night over to friends' home for supper, and the conversation touched at one point on story and song ownership […]
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