chore division and sad news

ME *upon being handed pillowcases from the line*: You’re supposed to fold them. HER: I put away the clothespins. ME: You say that like you think it’s an actual job.  * * *  In a more serious vein, has ceased to be, due to egregious fuckwittery on the part of someone who just could not abide […]
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pet shaming rant

I’m just gonna come right out and say it: I hate pet shaming. I do. I despise those sites featuring pics and videos of cats and dogs and monkeys and goldfish or whatever, with little “signed confessions” beside them, “I is sorry, I did eat that half a pie you left on the dresser” or […]
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a canadian kind of thing

So this just happened today: Alice Munro was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. The committee had to leave a voicemail, cos she didn't answer her phone. And then Margaret Atwood tweeted, "Alice, come out from behind the tool shed and pick up the phone."
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a small request

Leigh Ann Milman, I love you: The conservancy wishes to simply ask that people… if at all possible, think twice or take a second look at whether or not it is in fact imperative or absolutely necessary, or in a word, or perhaps a phrase, no better yet a turn of phrase; in fact, didn’t […]
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as that walrus said

The time has come. I’ve reduced my citizenship weblog to a single html page, preserving the outbound links and not much else. While it still got a lot of traffic, most of those incomers would be better served by going to the atlas of canada directly, or to the government’s own citizenship resources. And as […]
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