going dark tomorrow

I just took all of ten minutes to put together the necessary for including pericat.ca in the online SOPA/PIPA protest scheduled for tomorrow. If tomorrow you can read this, it’s not sunpig’s fault, but mine.
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trolling the madding crowd

This is the sort of thing that goes better with beer. Earlier today I happened on a tweet referencing a weblog post rejoicing that the world's most expensive ebook was now on sale. "How," I thought in my innocence, "expensive could an ebook get?" and clickclickclicked off to find out. As you can tell, if […]
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nanowrimo 2010 and me

I need my head examined. I'm in for NaNoWriMo this year, dog knows why. It's either a way to play around with story, or another artificial goal I can totally fail to meet. Those are the best for self-esteem, I hear. I'm up to 6000+ words, which is some kinda behind already seeing as November […]
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flight of the turtle

I downloaded updates to a few of the apps on my iPod this morning. A note-taker, web browser, ebook reader, audiobook player... shakespeare... what else? Nothing that interesting really, my iPod could be lent to the nearest nun without a a qualm. So I was a bit taken aback with the dialogue box insisting I […]
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surely you could just keep a journal?

Like, in your nightstand? And cross-ref it with a freebie calendar from the Salvation Army or the World Wildlife Federation? I mean, you might get laid some night when the internet is down, and then what would you do?
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