I have declared today a Periday; one in which I give not one fuck for anything anyone else thinks I should be doing to be a proper person. I have therefore paid mid-month bills early (because massive online banking clusterfuck scheduled for what else? mid-month, you betcha) and arranged to have gobs of cash on […]
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shakedown ride

a bit out of balance, I think Bright sunny day, temp hovering around 10°C, and as planned I took the Surly out for a shakedown ride across the 707 and around our favourite loop in the Kensington Lands. I had the rack shifted rather far back as I wanted to use the saddlebag pocket for […]
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new bike

out and about in the wild
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for all the non-gearheads

Have a little nature: Cool green tunnel. Holly or something. Probably not holly. Daisy bugs on daisy.
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summer trailriding

Hot! Hot, hot, hot. Our June is waxing wroth. It is becoming unseasonably warmish locally, where locally can be construed to be my office mid- to late afternoon. My south-facing office. Thank goodness for shades and curtains! I think only one did not survive the advent of the kittens, though two of the three remaining […]
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