going dark tomorrow

I just took all of ten minutes to put together the necessary for including pericat.ca in the online SOPA/PIPA protest scheduled for tomorrow. If tomorrow you can read this, it’s not sunpig’s fault, but mine.
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Gabriola election day 2011

Today was the long-anticipated election day on Gabriola. For Islands Trust reps, Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) rep and the school board. I voted around noon, as prelude to dropping a whack of cash at crafts fest out at the community centre and going for a dog walk at Drumbeg. Our friends R & A […]
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I've been watching bits of the inauguration today, as I can catch them. And thinking about Sark Island. I've been thinking about Sark for some weeks, though I'd seen it surface in the news now and again the last couple of years. Just before Christmas they buckled down and held the first democratic elections they'd […]
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poll watching

I'm obsessively following all the US election flumdiddle. I like watching Republicans implode, small of me I'm sure, but there it is. Anyway, I spotted this on Daily Kos. There's this Republican congressman what set fire to a goddamn national park in 2004, and he's still ahead in the polls. I mean, wtf? You know, […]
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the islamacists don’t like them, either

Amnesty to defy Catholic church over rape victims' abortion rights Amnesty International is set to defy the Vatican and risk the wrath of Catholics around the world over its decision to back abortion for rape victims. ... The decision, which will also cover women whose health is at risk from giving birth, follows the use […]
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