what’s in my bag, rural rider style

I am deciding where I want to go today, and what I need to take with me, and this seemed as good a time as any to dump my rack pack on the floor and possibly thin its contents. The bag itself is a rolltop Timbuk2, I don’t think it’s made anymore. It’s insulated, as […]
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it’s all bill’s fault

Whatever have I been doing to be so quiet lately, eh? It's Bill Hooker's fault, really. Bill went and posted about an online game where the players take on virtual identities within the game's world. One player had recently switched her avatar's appearance from being a white-skinned blonde to that of a custom-designed black woman. […]
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the way the crow flies

This place is a dump right now, honestly. It's a funny thing, what happens when you get fairly into doing some things, like patch a pair of jeans, or pull out the Christmas ornaments, or pack for a move. You find yourself remembering things without remembering them, that is, feelings come through loud and clear, […]
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enveloping mysts

Revelation, the new MYST game, is out, and on both Mac and PC, so no worries there. Run down to the store and give 'em your credit card. I got it along with a few other games when Nola gave me this new Mac (you have to get a couple new games with a new […]
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8 Women

I'll get this right out front-- the ending stank. Unfortunately, that colours the rest of what was otherwise a most entertaining couple of hours. The staging was impressive: a country house of 1950's somewhere-in-France, more real than real, to the edge of cartoon real. Even the stones in the walls were each one perfect. The […]
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