st roch progress

Time for a Toy Boat Update! Descent into Obsessive Miniaturist Mode is complete—I spent much of last night making chain. I wish I could say I'd been forging chain, that would be just amazingly cool, but no, it's more like weaving or possibly knitting. Which, in a way, makes this my very first knitting post. […]
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rudderless no more

I've been making rudders today. For the life boats. They didn't come with any, and the Real Ship's boats clearly sport functional ruddering elements. They are exceedingly, as Mam'selle Hepzibah once said in an entirely different context, "little with cute." It was a job to work out the rudder fasteners, I forget what those are […]
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more better book report

I've left something out, in that last entry about the books. I think I've not really said why I'm so pleased about having stumbled across them, and stayed awake long enough to bring them home with me. It's not really about ship modelling, although that was the lens. It's more about connecting with other ways […]
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book report

I was, just the other day, let to wander about freely in an area of town where a bookstore was known to be located. By the time I'd got myself free, I was the new owner of two fascinating books, one a photographic record of BC's sailing, fishing and shipbuilding during the transition from sail […]
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song of the scow

See? See? Progress, that's what that's called. I admit I set the plans aside when I embarked on intensive sanding/puttying/painting, not to mention fooling with bits and pieces, changing stuff (like the doors on the little flying bridge hut bit. The kitmaker, for some reason, thought those had windows in them. They don't. Silly kitmaker.) […]
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