making the best of it

Got the valve reassembled, with a fresh new gasket, but still the leak continues. Drained a tank of water in about 2 1/2 hours. We shut it off, of course. So now we’re in sunny downtown Nanaimo, doing all our off-island shopping and picking up a wider variety of flappers than can be had at […]
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what’s in my bag, rural rider style

I am deciding where I want to go today, and what I need to take with me, and this seemed as good a time as any to dump my rack pack on the floor and possibly thin its contents. The bag itself is a rolltop Timbuk2, I don’t think it’s made anymore. It’s insulated, as […]
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the dog in the village

Turns out that the german shepard that’s been wandering up and down the Folklife boardwalk has an owner, and he is really shopping. I don’t know the owner’s name, but the dog is named Buster, and is friendly if not pushy. The owner drives a silver truck, is older and has a greying beard. Seems […]
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