shakedown ride

a bit out of balance, I think Bright sunny day, temp hovering around 10°C, and as planned I took the Surly out for a shakedown ride across the 707 and around our favourite loop in the Kensington Lands. I had the rack shifted rather far back as I wanted to use the saddlebag pocket for […]
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new bike

out and about in the wild
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biking in the 707

The above is yesterday’s after-work ramble through the 707, minus the bit showing where I live to all in the universe in space for all time, stalkers & housebreakers will just have to guess, and I think all in all I was out for no more than two hours. I know is not much for […]
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arbutus walkthrough

Wind before rain rattles leaves after blight.
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view from the back porch

Busy day – to GIRO to drop off glass recycle and left with a lampshade, some small containers for a Nola-project, and a kitchen clock. No time for running the dog at a beach, so dropped off car at home, then a brisk walk down to the village for burgers and music at Raspberry’s farewell […]
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