tbnl (tinl)

if there were god if there were infinite perfection infinite knowing infinite if there were we we would things would plants bugs us lions day old mices us their eyes are not yet open their eyes have never seen their hours old eyes swallowed gone if there were god stink of burning years burning earth […]
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still pretty

I got flowers for my birthday. Two weeks ago, that was, and look at them! I guess there’s some kind of metaphor available about getting older and still holding on to one’s looks, or essential inner shiny self, or — the heck with it. Flowers pretty!
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so lonesome i could cry

Well, almost. The wind is up, the rain is fiercely down, the ferries aren’t running and so Nola is stuck in Vancouver for another night. And me with a case of beer and thawed chicken breasts ready to construct revelry and supper. Here’s hoping the power comes back on, at the least. Otherwise I will […]
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me and wikipedia

are both back up. We’re like twins.
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another christmas

We have made cookies by the pound. Found a nice little tree and hung shiny baubles on it, that glitter in the flashing coloured lights. Wrapped stuff for each other in pretty papers, and for far others in more servicable cardboard. And walked and walked and walked. And every evening stopped by our out-of-town friends’ […]
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