rome wasn’t built in a day

And neither are websites... snarking to the beat of Caroline from the album "Caroline" by Kirsty MacColl
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the phone shambles

About a year and half ago, I got to looking at our cell phone bill and our actual usage of said cell phones, and figured we were paying for rather more service than we needed. Essentially, we were scattering gold doubloons upon our provider on the off-chance we might want to call someone when not […]
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what’s the mileage on the popemobile?

Dear god, the irony... it's killing me... The Pope condemns the climate change prophets of doom I am in awe of this pope. Talking with him must be a lot like holding a conversation with an AI module written in 1980 for an Atari. Pope Benedict XVI has launched a surprise attack on climate change […]
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Good Girls

While waiting in a dentist's office yesterday, I picked up last week's issue of Time Magazine. The cover story was on the Dixie Chicks. The article reviewed their history and asked whether anyone would buy their newest album, of which they said "you probably won't hear a better adult pop album this year." If you […]
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for heavens’ sake, don’t mention the war

A friend of mine has, through offending some god or other, gotten her name carved in stone onto a GOP mailing list. Occasionally, she shares her pain with others, which is how I got a copy of this latest effort of theirs. And as long-term readers will know*, I sometimes talk to my mail… Yesterday's […]
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