my sekret spy saturday

Nola broke her foot a week ago, and as one of many consequences she is now stuck at home for some weeks to come unexpectedly. With her car in Horseshoe Bay. Last Tuesday I said I’d go across and fetch it. A simple act, you’d think, right? I mean, time-consuming and all, but essentially straightforward. […]
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you can dial this one. for reals!

still works Found this at GIRO today. Nola was wanting to plug three things into a particular outlet by the stove, and of the two things already plugged into it, one was a telephone. So when I saw this today, I knew it was the answer to all of our problems, yea even unto the […]
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living with kittens, part this-part

When we last saw the New Rescue Kittens, they were invisible. Or jolly close to it; they were hiding under things, and avoiding light. I did finally catch them in a benign moment: Pipkin, left. Bird, right. I have a routine in the morning, when I’m home alone. I start up the Mac, brush my […]
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must be a new year

Nola is back on her here–and–there schedule, so it’s just me, the dog, the cat, and some old Harry Potter movies. The power went off today for a few hours. I called BC Hydro and was actually connected to a person. She said I should try cycling my main breaker to be sure it wasn’t […]
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