go play outside

As you know, Bob, (or maybe you don't, not sure if I've mentioned it here) we got season passes to the cross-country area of Cypress Mountain. Which is actually on Hollyburn and Strachan mountains, there is no "Cypress Mountain" but these are quibbles. Unless you're a geographer or cartographer or simply generally pedantic. Which is […]
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snow day

It's snowing! First fall of the season here. Don't know that it will stick, of course. Cardhu'll go nuts if it does. I was just outside, watching it come down fast and thick. And marvelling again at the huge size of the hemlock in the neighbour's yard. It's big sucker, all right, blots out a […]
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thinking outside the box

Happy Hour news: Tim Louis, COPE incumbent running for another term on Vancouver's city council, thinks Vancouver should open one or two non-profit brothels*. Non-profit? WTF? I say, charge all the traffic will bear, and rake it in! Make 'em pay through the nose. Literally through their noses – make the johns swallow the money […]
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that’s my girl

For as long as it lasts, here's the link. (Of course, if you pick up a print copy, you get to admire her pic as well.) That link will rot out in a day or so, so I'm preserving the text of her letter below: My jaw dropped when I read Mackenzie Gans's letter attacking […]
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home, sweet home

Well. We're here. In the house, the dishwasher is churning away quietly. Nola's gone to the Raga for curry takeout, and I am indolently snuggled into a comfy chair in the back yard, drinking a beer and grinning like a fool at this skookum pipe that allows me to so sit with my laptop, checking […]
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