so lonesome i could cry

Well, almost. The wind is up, the rain is fiercely down, the ferries aren’t running and so Nola is stuck in Vancouver for another night. And me with a case of beer and thawed chicken breasts ready to construct revelry and supper. Here’s hoping the power comes back on, at the least. Otherwise I will […]
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of mice and rain

Skooks' mouse wasn't the only one, not by half. I started seeing the little beggars poking their wee heads up through the burners on the stove, and got on the phone to the nice Pestilential Doom people in Nanaimo, who sent a young woman right out Monday fore last and snooped around. She left me […]
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blink and miss

I think we had summer. Boy, that sure was a stinking hot week, eh? This message has been brought to you by The Annoy the Hell Out of My Southern Relatives Society.
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snow day

It's snowing! First fall of the season here. Don't know that it will stick, of course. Cardhu'll go nuts if it does. I was just outside, watching it come down fast and thick. And marvelling again at the huge size of the hemlock in the neighbour's yard. It's big sucker, all right, blots out a […]
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news and weather back again

You may have noticed, or perhaps not, that the weather and news ceased showing up on the sidebar a few weeks ago. My site provider had done something, and while I did not know what, I thought it would right itself, so I let it be. It was actually kind of depressing. I dislike sending […]
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