wtf i don’t even

A ‘breast washer’, according to, 1930‘s section, scroll down a bit and remember they just catalogue the pictures. I know that, in the wake of the ‘everything is possible’ movement of the early 1900‘s, especially the ‘everything is possible if you only wash thoroughly’ quilting bee, many Innovations and Improvements were proposed to relieve […]
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spamming for jesus

Or, "My god, my god, why have you given them network access?" My eagle-eyed buddy Inga spotted this gem in her Guardian newsfeed: Rapture site sends unbelievers their last chance ... via email. For 40 bucks, a mere pittance, you too can ensure that your loved heathens will not miss more than a day's worth […]
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Will you have gravy with that?

Somedays you get handed things on a silver platter... with a nice serving fork to boot. Today it was this website. Tom Palmer is a Senior Fellow of the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank, and a director of Cato University. His publishing credentials include an article for the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy […]
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but who gets his second-best bed?

Tell me there aren't people who would fall for this one: MANAGING PARTNER AIDAN WALSH & ASSOCIATES LONDON - UK. [ addy] NOTIFICATION OF BEQUEST Attn:Beneficiary On behalf of the Trustees and Executor of the estate of Late Engr.Jürgen Krügger; I once again try to notify you as my earlier letter was returned undelivered. There's […]
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appliance spam

My email of late has consisted rather more of processed meat product than, say, organic spinach. But this one raised even my jaded eyebrows: Hello! Well, hi back atcha! You have received that letter What letter? Where? Oh – you mean this letter. Why didn't you say so? because your e-mail is in the list […]
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