language barrier

Wordpress nags and badgers its users to update it, when it doesn’t just update itself, and yesterday I caved and did updates. (Notice anything new? Me neither, but I’m sure it’s improved under the hood.) Because I was there, nosing around the backend following updating, which sounds dirty but isn’t, sadly, I idly glanced through […]
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morning fixes

Nola let me know last night that I’d forgot once again to fix the subscription feeds links. I think they’re sorted now; if you subscribe to this site, and I’d be shocked to hear anyone but Nola does, you should see this entry pop up in your feed lists. Go, me.
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Back up now. Um, so yeah. What'd I miss, then, eh?
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fair warning

Upgrade commencing on my mark... mark.
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Explicit Category Sort plugin

UPDATE Thad came up with a GUI for this plugin. New download: my downloads directory or his. The older version is still available for people who don't like GUIs. WordPress allows one to sort category listings in several ways: hierarchical, non-hierarchical, by name, by ID, and so on, but one thing it does not allow […]
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