wtf i don’t even

A ‘breast washer’, according to, 1930‘s section, scroll down a bit and remember they just catalogue the pictures. I know that, in the wake of the ‘everything is possible’ movement of the early 1900‘s, especially the ‘everything is possible if you only wash thoroughly’ quilting bee, many Innovations and Improvements were proposed to relieve […]
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trial by battel

I've picked up an app for my iPod that lists significant stuff that happened in ye olde times on whatever date, "On This Day" I think it's called, If I can avoid being distracted I'll gin up a link. So anyway, on this very day in 1818 "The case of Ashford v Thorton was concluded, […]
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you are not persons

So. There's this. When I was young, in my twenties, I heard a man being mugged outside my apartment. I heard it happening, I went outside, I stopped it. I made sure he was okay, brought him into my home, washed his face, called the cops. They took statements, saw him home. That was that. […]
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I've been watching bits of the inauguration today, as I can catch them. And thinking about Sark Island. I've been thinking about Sark for some weeks, though I'd seen it surface in the news now and again the last couple of years. Just before Christmas they buckled down and held the first democratic elections they'd […]
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we could keep it in a bit of amber

So I'm idly wandering through the Making Light Particles, and spotted that link to NYT's article on cloning mammoths from tufts of hair. So how cool is that, eh? And what else could we clone, for a few mil more? That's right! The same would be technically possible with Neanderthals, whose full genome is expected […]
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