tbnl (tinl)

if there were god if there were infinite perfection infinite knowing infinite if there were we we would things would plants bugs us lions day old mices us their eyes are not yet open their eyes have never seen their hours old eyes swallowed gone if there were god stink of burning years burning earth […]
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nanowrimo 2010 and me

I need my head examined. I'm in for NaNoWriMo this year, dog knows why. It's either a way to play around with story, or another artificial goal I can totally fail to meet. Those are the best for self-esteem, I hear. I'm up to 6000+ words, which is some kinda behind already seeing as November […]
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how to sign your name

Layoffs at work again. Missed me, again. But still, FUCKFUCKFUCK. So, anyway, I've rearranged my home office in a fit of displaced anger anxiety total freakout. Now I am facing the windows, with bookcases behind. And when sun shines like a floodlight in the late afternoon, I am no longer sweating like some pigs in […]
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just fucking post it

My mom called yesterday, and hinted that she was some sad that I no longer updated even semi-regularly. I'm all about making my mom happy, but the fact is I don't update much any more because I can't. I dunno what's up with that, but there it is. I have all kinds drafts buried in […]
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I wrote my mum a long chatty email, like I do often, and you know who she likes best? Nola, that's who. And for why? Because Nola answers Mummy's emails straight off. I just thought that needed to be said.
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