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Remember the good old days? When religion was simple? There was only one—Catholicism. One God, one Church, one Pope. Now, thanks to Martin Luther and a host of heretics we couldn't burn too soon, not to mention Randy Harry Eight, there's thousands of churches. The Pope's dead, and who knows what's up with God?

Enough with the mysteries, already. Meet the answer to your Interregnum worries. iPope looks good, sounds unanswerably authoritative. It's the final word in, well, everything. There are no alternatives, except in storage capacity. Choose from 30GB or 60GB models starting at just one-tenth of your net worth and carry an entire library of papal bulls, epistles and off the cuff remarks, In English, Spanish, Italian, or Polish1.

iPope. It's your Church, after all. Why shouldn't you carry it in your pocket?

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not really. but it was created on a Macintosh.